Assisting children to reach their full potential

Do you have concerns about your child's development?

Are they struggling with skills such as communication, play skills, imitation and self-help skills such as toileting, eating and dressing?

Is your child pre-school age?

If yes to these questions, then a programme based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) could assist your child to: 

Increase their positive behaviours

Such as:


Imitation Skills

Independent and social play skills

Self-help skills: toilet training, dressing, etc

Reduce any problem behaviours

Such as:





There is no prescribed set number of hours per week that you as parents must undertaken in order to achieve success, so whether you have 1-hour or more per day to devote then you can make a difference. A tailored programme to suite your child's requirements is developed and you as parents are provided with strategies and training to help make a difference to your child's everyday life.

I am an independent behaviour analyst and have been working in the field of behaviour analysis since 2004, and attend workshops, conferences, and seminars on current research and developments within the field of applied behaviour analysis and verbal behaviour.

No formal diagnosis is required prior to starting a programme. 

Based in Fife I am available to travel across Scotland to assist your child. Whether you are looking for assistance with a range of skill areas or one or two specific areas, assistance can be provided. If you would like to have an informal no-obligation chat about any concerns you have relating to your child's development, please get in touch using the form under the Contact tab.

Judith Cruikshank

Independent Behaviour Analyst


"We have found Judith to be as committed to maximising our son's learning opportunities as we are, supporting us and driving us forward in helping him to achieve all that he can. She is informed about autism and ABA in particular and has utilised this in putting together a truly individual programme for him which challenges and stimulates him. Crucial in this has been the initial training she has provided and the ongoing support she provides." (Parent)