Useful Information

Some Useful Information


Funding Options:

To the best of my knowledge there is currently no local authority funding for ABA/VB programmes within Scotland. The following are potential funding options for your programme:


  • Disability Living Allowance


  • Self Directed Support in Scotland


  • Cash for Kids


  • The Fred Foundation


  • Family Fund


  • The Teddy Bear Foundation


ABA Scotland is happy to discuss funding options with you.




Research and Organisations:


  • Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)


  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)


  • Child Autism UK (formerly PEACH)


  • Education Law Unit, Govan Law Centre - guide to the law covering Additional Support Needs in Scotland


  • Enquire - national advice service for additional support for learning


  • Experimental Analysis of Behaviour Group (EABG)


  • Let's Talk ASN - a free service for the parents of children with additional support needs who may require support in relation to a dispute or potential dispute with an education authority


  • The National Autism Centre (NAC): National Standards Report


  • Research Autism


  • SIGN 145 - Scottish clinical guideline on the assessment, diagnosis and interventions for autism spectrum disorders - ABA is recommended!


  • UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA)




ABA/VB Programme Resource:


  • Bee Bright - online resources


  • Chewigem - chewable jewellery company based in Scotland


  • Different Roads to Learning


  • Hawkins Bazaar - reinforcer ideas


  • Jolly Learning - free resources for Jolly Phonics


  • Pyramid Educational Consultants UK Ltd (information on Picture Exchange Communication System)


  • Special Resources - flashcards


  • Taskmaster - online resources


  • Yellow Moon - reinforcer ideas (use source code SPE1451 to contribute to Child Autism UK)

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